Physical & Psychiatric Service Dogs

Empowering Veterans: The Role of Physical & Psychiatric Service Dogs in Mental Health Recovery

In our commitment to the well-being of veterans, Military Animal Project proudly offers our Physical and Psychiatric Service Dog program for our service men & women.

These service dogs play a crucial role in supporting individuals with specific disabilities, encompassing physical, sensory, and psychiatric conditions. Specifically, our focus on Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) addresses the unique needs of veterans grappling with the diagnoses of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), Military Sexual Trauma (MST), Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Depression.The difference between Psychiatric Service Dogs (PSDs) and Emotional Support Dogs (ESDs) - PSDs are extensively trained to perform specific working tasks where ESDs provide general emotional comfort. Both PSDs & ESDs require a letter from your doctor/therapist to determine which level of dog training is needed.

These working tasks are tailored to individual needs and can include but not limited to;
  • tactile stimulation for anxiety
  • guiding veterans out of stressful situations
  • waking them from nightmares
  • reminding them to take medications
  • turning on lights
  • retrieving essential items
The profound impact of these trained tasks goes beyond companionship, actively alleviating symptoms and enhancing the daily lives of veterans facing their diagnosed challenges.
Our Physical and Psychiatric Service Dogs are not just service animals; they are dedicated companions on a journey to provide much needed healing, recovery and independence and offering a lifeline of assistance to those who have bravely served our country. 

At Military Animal Project, we recognize the unique and individualized requirements of veterans along with their diagnosed conditions and are committed to providing them with the support they deserve.
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