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Equine Buddies Program

Military Animal Project offers a distinct program working with horses and veterans called the Equine Buddies Program (EBP). The program is an onsite equine retreat that helps the Veteran form a close bond with the horse and is an exercise in Leadership, Trust, and Respect.
  • The opportunity to connect with your fellow Veterans/Warriors, caring people and the ultimate counselor…the horse.
  • An atmosphere of understanding, support, growth and hope.
  • A nurturing and empathetic environment with Veterans/Warriors of similar experiences.
  • Enlightenment and/or healing by interacting with animals.
  • A climate of comfort and safety for small groups and individuals.
  • Non-judgmental environment where the horse enables the Veteran/Warrior to identify unresolved internal conflicts and develop self awareness.
  • Certified therapy dogs are present to provide comfort to Veterans/Warriors experiencing stress.
  • A chance to look at yourself in front of an un-distorted mirror…the horse.
  • Clarity into reasons for common behaviors and conflicts
  • Help with reentry/reintegration into civilian life.
  • Up-to-date Veteran resource available.
  • We are dedicated to your right to privacy.  All details – names, diagnosis, experiences, etc – remain confidential within the Equine Buddies Program.

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