Dog Therapy

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Therapy Dog Services

Alliance of
Therapy Dogs

Our Therapy Dog Services are available to aid the Veteran during therapy sessions and other issues as the need arises. The dogs are tested, certified, registered, and insured with Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD), a 28 year old national organization.

Currently, Bob Horrell’s dog, Paws, is certified with ATD and has been used in therapy applications. We currently have two other dogs along with their owners at MAP that will go through the ATD program to become therapy dogs.

Support Animal

The purpose of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is to provide the Veteran with companionship and comfort to mitigate one or more symptoms relative to their psychological and/or emotional condition. This includes stress, anxiety, depression, PTS(D), TBI, and any pain or suffering they may be experiencing. An ESA dog provides the Veteran with purpose so they are able to live more in the present than in the past.

Service Dog

Psychiatric service dos are specifically trained to help the Veteran with PTS(D), anxiety and/or panic attacks by relieving their symptoms through physical contact. Training may include:

  • Waking the Veteran out of a nightmare.
  • Guiding the Veteran out of stressful situations.
  • Reminding the Veteran to take their medications.
  • Turning on lights.
  • Retrieving objects.

Each dog is trained to work and perform tasks for the Veterans specific disabilities.